Ok, so we are in 2023 and I am writing a blog post. Have things finally gone back to normality for me? What is normality in 2023?

Normality for me now is a stay at home Mom of two beautiful girls. A wife to my super husband (he will never see this so I don’t mind saying it) and just at a place in life where I am really enjoying a much slower pace, going on as many nature adventures as I can – everything from hikes, to river swims and sea swim, outdoor yoga, sunrise and sunset cacao meditations …. the list goes on andI am in a really happy place.

I never thought I would enjoy being a stay at home mom, but truth be told I LOVE IT!! Don’t get me wrong, some days can be tough and challenging, but I always think I would rather be here than miss out on spending this time with my daughter, as I know from 13 years of raising my older daughter that time goes by far too fast. So until she is in play school, I plan to just enjoy this time and privilege to be a SAHM (stay at home Mom).

One thing I really want to do this year, is to make the most of every season and occasion, take time to learn why we celebrate it and have fun doing so. Yesterday was St. Brigid’s Day (learn more about who St. Brigid is HERE). One thing I learnt about St. Brigid is that she was both a Goddess and a Saint and people want to celebrate her being one or the other, I honestly don’t have time for much ‘wokeness’ here, from what I can understand she was both, she started out as a Goddess and happily became a Saint and died as a Saint and that is how she chose to die, so why people want to get upset about it … I really don’t know. She was an amazing person to learn about and to celebrate, Savannah and I went on a lovely nature walk to get some rushes to make a St. Brigid’s Cross and then made a cross to the best of our capabilities (no one said it would be easy 😂). So yes, I just want to celebrate each occasion and make it something special.

Another thing planned for 23 is lots of adventure! Lot’s of hiking, lot’s of swimming, lot’s of activities and lot’s of fun. I am a member of an outdoor women’s group and a member of a river swimming group and have found going both to be great ways to meet like minded people. If you want to start a new hobby, I highly recommend going a group and going to a session and just putting yourself out there, as once you start to make friends, you will be encouraged to do more.

This is also a time where I am trying something new in the form of finding calmness in all the madness that life offers. I have being trying to meditate as often as I can. So far since I first started (on like the 8th of January and today is the 1st of feb) I am on session number 22, which isn’t bad at all. I don’t have a specific number I m trying to hit nor do I think it is a daily thing I can commit to, but I am just trying to do it when I can and I can already notice so many benefits. Some days it might only be for 15 minutes, other and rare days I might get an hour done. I am not yet at a point where I can do it by just listening to my own breath (because the mind wanders), I am very much in love with guided meditations, be it in person, online or random youtube videos. It is something I am enjoying and documenting on my Instagram (click HERE), documenting in the form of noting each session, who it was given by and a link if useful.

I am still very much into all things ethical and sustainable. My diet has changed since I last spoke about it, without getting into the ins&outs (that’s for another day), I would describe myself as predominantly plant based. I am a huge believe in organic, local and seasonal produce and high quality when ever possible. That is really important to me. Clothes-wise I am still always aiming for secondhand or from an ethical brand. As I am big into the outdoors and try to get a daily dose of nature, I am mostly in leggings, wooly socks and a nice jumper (it’s cold in Ireland RN). We bought an electric car and I am loving it, I am still getting used to use it and all the tech that comes with it, but I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to pay for fuel over the last few months.

And to be honest, that is kind of it for me on account of any interesting news and plans. All I can say is I am loving life right now and hope to share the highlights, lessons from the lows and any tips or tricks I learn along the way.

Irish Mountain Child is back in action



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