January Favourites 2019 || Cruelty Free, Sustainable & Eco Friendly

January Favourites

So this is the first Monthly Favourites that I am doing and I am so excited to share some products and brands that I love and respect and other products that just make life better and easier. I would love some feed back on this in the comments below, if this type of thing is something you find helpful (especially when it comes to local / cruelty free / eco friendly brands), if this is something you like or if you have any recommendations that you think I might like.


January Favourites 1-5


SosU by SJ – Perfume €25.

I bought this just before Christmas and OMG I am in love. It’s sooo good! As you can see in the video, I am no good at explaining scents, so here is the description right from the website – “This sparkling fragrance possesses an enticing burst of fruity scents such as roseand jasmine, punctuated with hints of osmanthus, making it a sensuallysmooth blend that exudes romance.”


Le Canopée – Multivitamin Wake up cream €35

As I say in the video, I was gifted this cream by Grace from Skinfull Affairs (my favourite beauty salon in Dublin) in June and only really started using it the end of October/ start of November. As some of you may know, the last few months have been very testing and my skin has really taken a beating, but I have been very diligent with using creams, lotions and potions to help it and i have definitely noticed the help that this cream has given me. Skinfull Affairs say – “The active combination of coconut and burrito oils with rooibos replenishes the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients, while fighting oxidative stress. The skin is left feeling soft, moisturised and awake.”


Pestle & Mortar – Pure Hyaluronic Serum €43

This serum was recommended to me during a makeup class in Callan & Co by Paula Callan, so I bought it a week or two before our wedding and OMG I haven’t looked back since. I explain how I use it in the video (slightly different than described) as I find it just locks in the moisture a little bit more. Using this has really kept my skin pumped, hydrated and given it a lovely dewy glow.


OXO – Onion Slicer €20

As I say in the video, this bad boy saves me time and tears…. well onion tears. I bought it in white and black, but it gives you different colours to choose from on the linked site. I don’t use it on hard fruit & vegetables, only light – medium ones like onions, peppers, apples etc.


Angel Cruisers Bike €619.

This was a Christmas present from my lovely husband and OMG I am in love!! It is such a great cruiser bike, which I use for city cycles (not made for bumpy roads or any off road cycling). I just find it a great and easy way to get a bit of exercise in and get some nice scenic views whilst cycling through parks and waterside areas.



I hope this has been of some benefit to you. If you currently use any of the products above let me know your thoughts



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