My Tips For Travelling To Kerry Ireland

10 Tips For-2

If you are lucky enough to be getting away on a trip to Kerry, I can only start by saying lucky you. Kerry is such a beautiful and amazing part of Ireland and definitely somewhere you should visit. In a later post I will describe all the places and things I would recommend you see and do. But while visiting Kerry there are definitely some things you need to keep in mind


My Top 10 Tips For Visiting Co. Kerry, Ireland

  1. Have A Plan. As I said above there are literally so many things you can see and do in kerry. Depending on the amount of time you have to spend here, you might want to get a good itinerary (even a rough one) of all the things you would like to see and do. You could easily spend a few days exploring Dingle and it’s surrounding areas alone and then another few days exploring the beauty of the Kerry country side which is full of mountains and beaches. So get some sort of plan in action.
  2. Pack For All Weather. Even though you might be guaranteed 4 days of nothing but sunshine, it would still be a good idea to pack for a possible rainy day (as with anywhere in Ireland). The weather can change in an instant and Atlantic Coastal wind & showers are not something you don’t want to be unprepared for. Even just pack a rain coat & warm jumper in your car.
  3. Know How Big Kerry Is & Take A GPS. As said in point 1, you there are so many things to see and to do, but you also need to know how big Kerry is, take a GPS with you and be sure to keep it charged. Keep in mind that a lot of the roads you want to drive on, especially if you are doing the Ring of Kerry or the Wild Atlantic Way, the roads might be very small and narrow. The mountain areas will also have very small roads.
  4. Keep (Small) Cash On You. Kerry is a very traditional part of Ireland where the locals have done an amazing job to preserve the history and traditions. Some shops that may have been around for generations are still here and especially within the smaller towns, because of this, if you are planning a day of traveling make sure you bring cash as they may not have card machines. It might be just a pit stop on our touring, but it is something to keep in mind. €30 – €50 is what I would recommend depending on your budget and you can always take more or less out if needs be.
  5. Pack Good (Walking) Shoes. There are so many amazing beaches and mountains to climb and explore (especially if you like photography). Be sure to make the most of it by packing appropriate footwear.
  6. Pack Picnics. Who doesn’t love food. If plan on exploring be sure to pack picnics or snacks. There are so many beautiful areas in which you can sit down and eat. It really depends on the situation, but if you plan on exploring all day you might want something that you can take on the go or if you want a beautiful view while eating, rest assured almost on every corner there is a beautiful view that you can stop to take in while having a picnic. Obviously if you plan on eating out, there are also sooo many places in which you can get lunch too, but be sure to at least pack a snack.
  7. Time It Right. If you are doing ‘The Ring of Kerry’ or ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’, you will most likely get stuck behind tour a bus and/or some traffic (especially during the summer months). Try to leave earlier in the morning, look up stops and research sites along the way that aren’t on the bus routes.
  8. Time It Right P2. If you are looking to visit an attraction, make sure it will be open when you get there Check the Time and Date. Due to the fact that Ireland gets cold during the winter months, tourism takes a dive and because of this attractions have very specific opening times, so be sure to look up the opening times before you get there.
  9. Learn ‘Cúpla Focail‘. Kerry is a Gaeltach region of Ireland, which means that some areas of Kerry the traditional Irish language is still spoken by the locals. Here are some terms you might want
    1. Dhia Dhuit (D-a gwuit)Hello
    2. Slán (slawn)Good bye
    3. Cé mhéid? (k ved)How much
    4. Gura faith agat (gur-a maa aa-gat)Thank you
  10. Be Social. Ireland may have a reputation for liking a pint of Guinness, but don’t be fooled, if you want to meet some of the locals, hear some traditional music or possibly even attend a Céilí (traditional Irish dancing event) be sure to check out one of the many pubs Kerry has to offer. Obviously, the older the better. If you want to meet locals don’t go to the newest swankiest place as they don’t really go there, you’re most likely to meet Michael or Paddy down at the old pub. You don’t even need to like the taste of Guinness or beer. Get  drink you like and sit back and enjoy 🙂



I hope you found this helpful and if you are planning a trip to Kerry be sure to come back to this website again, as I will have more Kerry post going up over the next few weeks.



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