Daytime 5 Minute Get Ready With Me // Cruelty Free & Vegan


Hey Guys,

Happy Thursday, I wanted to show the day – day makeup I use, it’s not a lot and can take me between 5-10 minutes to get ready, using some product I love from cruelty free companies.

99% of the time I don’t wear makeup, but if during the day I am wearing makeup I normally use 3-5 different products.

The three main pieces I use are

Sometimes if I need to hide a little bit extra, I will also use concealer and if I want to add an extra upmhh I will mix some red lipstick with some lip balm et voila. As I have dry skin, for my day to day makeup I don’t wear powder as I find it dries my skin out. Bar one product that was gifted to me 3+ years ago (I should probably throw it out) all the products mentioned are cruelty free and vegan.



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