Stocking Fillers For Her – Cruelty Free & Vegan

Stocking Fillers For Her

If you are looking for some helpful ideas for stocking fillers or a gift that won’t break the bank, a gift that is also cruelty free & ethical, that will bring a smile to your loved ones face, I have some ideas below that might be of use. Most of the products are vegan, the only one that isn’t vegan is 100% cruelty free and ethically sourced.

Miracle Make-Up Remover Human Kind

For – The girl on the go or beauty lover who loves a clean face

Price – €10. 

I have just recently started using this and I LOVE it!! The idea behind this, is that you can use this and only this to remove your makeup, you don’t need cleaners, cotton wool or wipes. It removes all makeup and dirt and is quite possibly the softest cloth I have ever put on my face.

Celtic Candles Celtic Candles

For – The woman who loves a good scent.

Price – €22.50

Celtic Candles are plant based candles and also paraben, sulphate and toxin free and toxin free candles. Sometimes people can get headaches and feel poorly, not knowing that it could very well be their scented candle they have lighting. With these natural candles you get all the scented benefits (minus the headaches) but also some more. Due to the natural ingredients there will be no dark stains around the jar or glass from the candle and it will also leave you with a totally clean jar that can be reused. The glass and wood that come with it are both recycled materials.

Ethical Silk Eye Mask Ethical Silk Company

For – The girl who loves to sleep and is neither a morning or night person

Price – €25.

The Ethical Silk Company offers ethically & cruelty free silk apparel and accessories. On their online store you will find eye masks, pillow covers, casual wear and lounge wear. People will use silk apparel (especially pillow cases) as it helps your skin keep its natural moisturiser the natural properties of silk (especially) this one help to keep friction at bay, so you can look forward to less bed head hair days and also clean skin. Silk is hypoallergenic; it does not attract dust mites and is a natural fungal repellant.


Mosaic Soap Giftset Skinfull Affairs Soap

For – The lady who loves a bumble bath and a pamper session

Price – €17.50

This vegan soap, is made using a mixture of vegetable oils and vegetable glycerin. It coms with three different soaps – Friday Soap, Every Friday we take the leftovers from a week’s worth of work in our soap production and blend them in a freshly made lavender soap. The result is an exciting, colorful soap named “Friday Soap”. Dream Fragments, Black soap with cleansing charcoal and the fresh, tangyscent of lemongrass. Mint, Give yourself a refreshing bath with our cooling Mint soap. The soap has the fresh scent of patchouli and spearmint essential oils, that lift your spirits and fight fatigue.


Loving Earth Creamy Bars Loving Earth

For – The foodie or chocolate lover in your life.

Price – €2.50

You may remember I previously mentioned these vegan bars previously in my My Bridesmaid Boxes – Ethical, Cruelty Free & Vegan. These bars are LIFE!!! So so good! They make a cheap and cheerful gift year round!


Powder Bamboo Ladies Sock Gift Box Christmas Socks

For – The lady who loves to be comfortable or who never has match socks.

Price – €20.00

Keep your loved ones feet lovely, warm and cosy with these three eco friendly and sustainable Christmas socks. That come in a lovely gift box.


Eco Tools – Make Up Brush Set

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 18.47.17

For – The make up lover

Price – €13.00

To feel beautiful on the outside, it has to come from the inside (That’s the ‘Eco Tools’ saying, in case you didn’t know). Eco Tools uses – Recycled Bamboo, cruelty free and vegan materials and 100% paper free packaging. In this pack you get a concealer brush, an angled brush, a spoolie, an eye shadow blending brush, a powder brush and a bag.

Bia Beauty – DIY Face Mask kit


Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 18.47.56

For – The natural skin-care lover in your life.

Price – €30.

Bia Beauty is a cruelty free, vegan Irish beauty brand. In this box of magic, you have the essential tools to make your own face-masks, about 10 masks to be exact. There are three types of masks you can choose to make depending on how your skin feels.



I hope this list has been helpful and has given you some good ideas on what you could give … or get. I try to support local businesses when I can. Some of these are Irish start ups and the rest can all be bought online or in various shops across Ireland.

Happy Shopping




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