Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brands – Gift Guide

Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brands - Gift Guide

Whether you want to give the gift of a lovely bag or coat or a voucher for a certain shop. I have listed a few ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free idea options below. There is one fashion mad sister I have, whom I have bought a lovely second hand bag for that I know she will love, she also doesn’t read this so I am not concerned about her seeing (if you do I’ll eat my own hand)……. Anywayyy, slightly off topic there, for those fashionista gifts that you want to make ethical and sustainable I have a list below of the best ways to go about that for Christmas gifts (and any other gifts in between).

If you are curious as to why you should aim towards shopping ethically and sustainably, you can look at two previous posts WHY I BUY SECOND HAND & HOW TO HELP WORKERS WORLDWIDE


Online Shopping 

If you like the style of above, ethical fashion mixed with sustainability and cruelty free you might like to see the online fashion brands I recommend too, for much of the same reasons – 5 Fair Trade and Ethical clothing Shops – Europe. I done a post previously on the best ethical fashion shops available online (that are made in Europe) and I think they could also come in handy when looking for a Christmas gift for a loved one.


Walk In Shops

  1. Charity Shops 


    • Cost – €
    • What To Buy – Bags, Jewellery, Coats & Jumpers.
    • Location – Almost on every shopping corner and street.
    • The gift of giving goes a long way when shopping in a charity shop, not only do you get a product, the money goes to people who need it and the environment wins too as as nothing new needs to be manufactured or made. The best charity shops I find are St. Vincents, Oxfam and Bernardos and with literally a charity shop round every few corner you are bound to find something. The other great thing about charity shops, is that they won’t break the bank. The best things to find as a gift for someone in charity shops are – bags, jewellery, coats and lovely jumpers.
  2. Siopaella d8d0d87a-66c7-44db-9638-5af8a21b3407_500

    • Cost – €€€€
    • What To Buy – Designer & Luxury, Bags, Jewellery, Clothes & Shoes
    • Location – Wicklow Street, right opposite Cornocopia
    • If you have a slightly higher budget, are on the look out for more luxurious items, but still like the attraction of it being second hand and helpful to the environment I would recommend having a look at Siopaella (which can also be viewed online – Siopaella), With four walk in locations, the main one being Siopaella Wicklow Street. You will be guaranteed to find a designer item for half the price with no environmental damage for that special someone here.
  3. Fresh Cuts Clothing


    • Cost – €€
    • What to Buy – Leisure wear, casual wear, light sporting wear or ethical jeans.
    • Location -South William Street.
    • If you’re looking for some light sports/ leisure and casual wear I would advise heading to Fresh Cuts Clothing, again all their line can also be found online or if you would prefer to walk in and view their clothing you can find them in basement level store located on South William Street. Fresh Cuts Clothing. They produce simply designed, eco-friendly clothes that people want to wear every day.
  4. Marks and Spencers image

    • Cost – €€
    • What To Buy – Any clothing items, jewellery, homeware and beauty products
    • Location – Numerous
    • Even though Marks and Spencer does produce fast fashion, it’s definitely one of the most ethical and sustainable famous international brands available. Click here to see a video I done on why Marks and Spencers is a good place to shop from – Marks and Spencers Shopping Haul Video // Ethical, Sustainable and Cruelty-Free. With a huge environment plan currently underway Marks and Spencers hope to help build a sustainable future by being a business that enables their customers to have a positive impact on wellbeing, communities and the planet through all that they do by 2025. With multiple stores through out Ireland you are bound to walk out with something special for a loved one.
    • Stiall Stiall

      •  Cost – €€ 

      • What To Buy – Ladies wear, a mix of smart, classic and casual.
      • Location* – Siopaella, Cecilla Street Dublin 2 30th Nov – 3rd Dec
      • I first heard of Stiall from Skinfull Affairs (Dublin vegan beauty salon) , when they collaborated on a green fashion night focusing on the ethics and sustainability of the fashion world. Stiall, is an online shop, with a pop-up shop opening this week. What Stiall say – “Shopping with Stiall means you can be confident in the knowledge that what you’re buying is both ethically sourced and produced, while also being cautious in it’s environmental impact”.



I just think if you are giving a beautiful fashion gift make sure that their is beauty and purpose behind it, that it is not just a ‘thing’ made in a sweatshop some where.



If you have anywhere you can mention, that I might not of thought of please let me know.

Kind regards


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