About Me


First of all well done you!!!If you are reading this you must have an interest in leading a cruelty free, healthy and happy lifestyle. I set up this blog to share things that are important to me and that I think if more people know of and incorporate into their lives we could all make the world a slightly better place.

About Me
My name is Saoirse and from a very young age I was surrounded by animals. My grandparents had a small farm, we always had dogs and birds in our family and I had as much animal toys as one can imagine. Saoirse Doyle loves animals!!! Fact! Another fun fact if you are interested is that I LOVE FILMS………. anyway – But what I didn’t know until I started questioning why certain people weren’t eating meat – I did not realize that I was infact eating the very things I loved! By age 11 I turned vegetarian and haven’t looked back since. Over the last few years though I have done further research and just realized how cruel the world is. Not just to animals but to the environment and to people too. I have a daughter and I am the older sister to 5 younger siblings and I want to make the world a better place for them and as much people as I can and I hope this blog will be one way of doing so.

About This Blog
This blog will share ways and tips for you to make your world a happier, healthier and cruelty free place. I will post healthy vegetarian/ vegan food posts, how to become cruelty free, how you help have a greener planet and environment and just posts on how to become a happier you.
Another thing I will be doing is posting film reviews, I go to the cinema at least once a week – it is my way to unwind and just get a break from my world.

I hope you enjoy it and if you have anything you think would be good to know please share 🙂


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