LUSH Shopping Haul

LUSH Shopping Haul
I try my best to stick to buying products that have nothing/ as little as possible to do with any sort of animal cruelty. LUSH is a great place to buy such products. Not only are most of their products vegetarian but a lot of them are vegan too. If you are unfamiliar with the shop I urge you to go in soon and check out their products. On to the haul. Here are some products that might interest you.


The kiss Lip
I actually bought this as a bit of an impulse buy, but also as my lips where very dry and I had a hot date that night and wanted them to be kiss ready. This product was done as part of the Valentines Day line. But I used it twice in the one day (my lips were really bad) and it pretty much completely fixed the problems I was having. By the time I was doing my make up for that night my lips were smooth and soft. What really aids your lips with this product is the natural oils in it.
Directions – Dab some one your finger and scrub your lips with it to buff away dead skin. You only need what ever amount you can fit onto one finger per application. After scrubbing your lips you can either lick it off or wash it off. It is edible (and it is very nice so be careful). I usually lick it off and your lips are left smooth and soft after. On the night of my hot date however I washed it off and immediately applied minted lip balm to my lips.

Tinted Moisturiser
This is a regular product I buy from LUSH. I have normal – dry skin, so I do my best to try to keep it as moisturised as possible and this product works particularly well for me. I would use this product for light coverage during the day. If I am having a good day I will only need/ use foundation as coverage on my face and to give me a nice glow. When I use this product I only use this, no concealer, powder etc etc, just this some mascara and lip gloss. It is perfect for covering up and giving a nice glow while keeping my skin moisturised. It is also great as it is light and not heavy on my face and easy to take off. It comes in seven different shades.
Directions – Can be used as a tined moisturiser or as foundation.


Ultrabland Facial Cleanser
This is one of those products that I had no intention of buying, I bought it on a whim after having it recommend it by one of the stores staff members. I usually always by some sort of creamy make up remover for foundation and bronzer and then another one specifically aimed at removing eye make up (I go for creamy remover because it tends to dry my skin the least). Then along came Ultrabland .Ok so I originally did ask the staff for a creamy hydrating make up remover they showed me one or two (I can’t remember the names), but then they showed me this and I have been hooked ever since.
Directions – Its very easy to use, wet face with water, then apply all over the face and use some cotton wool to remove (I tend to very lightly wet the cotton wool too). Not only does it leave my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated (I would still put more moisturiser on after), but it also removes all my make up very easy without any hassle, even tough eye make up. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.


Miles of Smiles – Toothpaste Tablets
Suitable for vegans.
The reason I bought this was because I had bleeding gums and I wanted to buy something that was chemical free and not too harsh on my teeth. Now there was a few things with this that I wasn’t 100% sold on, but to be honest that could have also come down to the fact that my gums were bleeding and my teeth weren’t in great shape due to that. What I do like about them is they are chemical free, fluoride free, from a good shop with a cause I believe in, suitable for vegans and they keep your teeth clean. What I don’t like how ever was even though it has triple peppermint in it my breath didn’t smell fresh it didn’t smell gross either but it didn’t have the usually fresh smell and feel normal toothpaste gives, my teeth got stained easy and went a some slightly darker shades than they are normally within a week and a half of using (that being said I have sensitive teeth, for example if I get a cold my teeth don’t look as good as they usually do), but as i previously stated this could all be down to the fact that my gums were bleeding. Think about it if you go to sleep with bleeding gums, even if it’s only so slightly it will stain your teeth and most likely not have a great smell. So I will give this another go.
Directions to use are quite simple – Put one tablet in your mouth chew down on it and it turns into a paste i.e. your tooth paste.



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