Shopping Haul

Shopping Haul

Shopping haul 2

Since deciding to become an actor I am definitely not on the same pay cheque as I was when I was working full time in a stable job five or six days of the week depending on how busy our shop was. But alas that is no longer the case, I decided to quit working and try my best at giving acting my all, and although things may have picked up (finally) I have learned some stuff along the way. One of which is the absolute gems you can get at thrift shops and charity shops. Seriously a brand new unworn gorgeous red ASOS dress, I got for €7. SEVEN EURO!!! I’ve already worn it twice and the original cost was €49 – which was €20. less for all the stuff I bought combined!! Not only is the price for things amazing but knowing that you are not the only one benefiting from the shop is also a pro and knowing that it is environmentally chic to shop second hand is another pro – the list goes on and on.. I usually head to a St. Vincent De Paul shop in Blessginton.

So after my most recent shop I decided to do a haul to show the kind of things you can get. I will do another post about charity shopping tips and tricks.


Two Sequin Skirts
The lighter of the two is from Zara and the other is from Missguided. I would wear these with a casual tee, a nice shirt or top. They could be worn with tights in winter or with bare legs in summer. Milan Kunis wore a similar look to what I would go for – or rather I got some style insp. from Mila for these skirts. They bought cost €9.



Black Knee High Skirt
I bought this as I need one for work sometimes for meetings, looking profess and all that jazz. I would wear it with a shirt or sophisticated top. I love the detail near the top of the skirt and it would look lovely with a top looked into it. This is a Zara skirt and cost me €5.

Sports top

New Look Green Sports Top
I don’t think I would wear this working out, as to be honest funky bright colours are not my thing. But I think this would look amazing with some loose boyfriend jeans and some casual white runners or to spice it up for a dinner it is something that could go from casual to party by just adding some heels and a nice bag. This cost €4.


Black Lace Top
I have been looking for ageless for a nice black lace top with a stunning neckline and this is it!! It is a size 14 (which is one of the downsides for charity shops, they won’t have different sizes for all the clothes just what they get) and I am a size 10 but it looks fine on. I would team this up with black jeans, black faux leather trousers or a black / black leather skirt and some colourful heels and red lips. This top cost me €4. I don’t know where it is originally from as the label was cut off.

Black Jumper

Black Jumper
I think the back on this jumper is great, or even the lack of the back. It would be lovely during the summer on a not too hot day (but not too cold either) with simple jeans and nothing underneath to put emphasis on the deep back detail. This cost me €5. and is from Zara.


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